TK with Coverboy for 2 Shows in Canada-Nov 22/23!

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Hey everyone, come back again with another post! This time about "Coverboy", the new project of TK and his colleague/Conspirator Brent Fitz with many other canadian musicians as Chris Jericho, Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve and Cory Churko!
New music project composed only by Canadian musicians and that's the awesome thing! Only 2 shows(Nov 22nd- Nov 23rd) but full of pure Rock N'Roll!

Night #1- Coverboy's debut show at The Artful Dodger- in Regina(Saskatchewan, Canada)!

This first show was a charity event organized by the association "Paul McCallum 
and Friends" to benefit  KidSport Regina.
If you're wondering about this organization, read this:

" KidSport™ is a Children's Charity dedicated to assisting children of families facing financial obstacles to participate in community sport programs. The KidSport™ goal is to provide these children with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of teamwork, dedication and responsibility through participation in sport. "
(Source: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/paul-mccallum-friends-event-kidsport-regina-take-place-nov-22-2013-artful-dodger-regina-1848520.htm )

Here's the Official Poster of this event:
And now, it's time for the amazing photos taken by our friend Lisa Guliak!
Thanks so much Lisa for the chance to post your photos here!

                                               Soundcheck + Backstage  

Brent Fitz
Cory Churko and Todd Kerns
Todd Kerns
Chris Jericho

Todd Kerns and "Spider"!

Chris Jericho and Todd Kerns

(Photos © Lisa Guliak ) 


by Zen Porohowski:

"Go For A Soda":

"Sunglasses At Night":

"Working For The Weekend":


"Summer Of '69":

"Raise A Little Hell":

 by Kari Reding:

"Ugly" :
"Doesn't Really Matter":

Night #2 - Coverboy Live at Marquee- Calgary (Alberta, Canada)!

Here's the Official Poster of this show!

For this second show in Calgary, Reed Shimozawa  of the  Zuckerbaby joined to Coverboy that night! Awesome!

Setlist (Thanks Janette!)

Before to show you all the photos about that night, I wanted to thank my dear friend Janette Martin. All the credits to her for the next pics!

Reed Shimozawa


Todd with Reed Shimozawa!

Todd with Reed Shimozawa and Chris Jericho!

(Photos © Cher Hunter)
Chris Jericho and Todd Kerns

Reed Shimozawa, Chris Jericho and Todd !

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Thanks for the attention!
    See you on the next post...


TUR CD Release Party with TK- Oct 13th,2013

Hey everyone! Finally come back with a new post!(Thanks for the patience :)
After the campaign on Pledge Music, the New Album "American Nightmare" of The Underground Rebels is finally OUT!Last month (Oct 13th) The Undergroud Rebels celebrated performing at Vamp'd in Vegas. Todd opened the show with his amazing acoustic set playing many songs from "Borrowing Trouble", "Go Time" and some covers.
I talked about TUR in the previous post (TK Acoustic Set -Labor Day) because they opened for  TK,that night!
Before to show you all the photos,I use the occasion to dedicate a little part of this post, talking about TUR telling you(shortly) the story of this fantastic band. They deserve it!
You may know that TUR, originally, were formed in 1997 in Vancouver (B.C-Canada) under the name "The Loving Dead". The band is composed by: Kurt Frohlich (Vocals/Guitar), Darren "D" Harkema (Bass) and Todd Waetzig(Drums)!
Afterwards, they changed the name  as a result of sound and image change.
" The sound is very original and has been compared to Cheap Trick meets Jet and Queens of the Stone Age
(Source: Reverbnation- Read more about The Underground Rebels HERE -> http://www.reverbnation.com/artist_3237112/bio )

Now we can start with all the photos!!!
Firstly I want to thank Kurt Frohlich for the Setlist of the show;
John Barry for his amazing photos and Janette Martin of the fb page "Todd Kerns USA" for the huge help(Janette you know what I'm talking about ;)!

Starting with the TK Acoustic Set..
(Setlist-*not complete)

(Photos © John Barry)

And NOW, The Underground Rebels...


(Photos © John Barry)

Here's some videos by  Rob Fraser:

TUR+ TK-"Rock & Roll"

TUR - "War Pigs" 

TK- "Say Hello To Heaven" 

Videos by Janette Martin:

TK- "Hideous"

TK- "The Devils In Me"

TK- "Heathrow 4am"

TK- "Wicked Game"
TK- "Ugly"

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 Join on the page of my dear friend Janettehttps://www.facebook.com/ToddKernsUsa
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LABOR DAY-TK Acoustic Show-Sept 2nd,2013!

Hey everyone! In this post we want to talk about a great show of TK few days ago at Vamp'd in Vegas (Sept 2nd).
In occasion of the "LABOR DAY", Todd performed with many friends/musicians various TK songs and Covers ...(like "Starway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin)
The opening act of this show were "The Underground Rebels", band composed by Kurt Frohlich (Guitar-Vocals), Darren "D" Harkema(Bass-Vocals) and Todd Waetzig(Drums).

Here's the Setlist about the performance of TUR(Thanks to Kurt Frohlich):

Here's some great photos about the performance of The Underground Rebels
(Photos © by Mark Hetchman)




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The Underground Rebels:  

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That night there were many guests on the stage performing with TK  

as Brent Fitz and Frank Sidoris(from Slash's band), Doc Ellis and  

Cian Coey (Brazen/Doc's Angels), Zach Throne(Sin City Sinners).

Here's the  Setlist ,Poster and photos about the performance of TK....

(Thanks to Janette Martin for the pics) :

(Photo ©  Mark Hetchman)


Frank Sidoris and Doc Ellis
Doc Ellis
Frank Sidoris

Cian Coey and Doc Ellis (Brazen)

Brent Fitz
Soundcheck - before the Show! 
(Thanks to Janette Martin for all the exclusive pics)

TK, Brent Fitz and Frank Sidoris!

Brent Fitz 

Brent Fitz

Kurt Frolich and Frank Sidoris
                  TK, Zach Throne and Doc Ellis/ TK and Frank Sidoris!
TK, Brent Fitz, Zach Throne, Cian Coey and Frank Sidoris!

Photos about the Aftershow...
(Thanks to Janette Martin and Alana Jara)

Frank and Janette
TK and Janette

TK and Janette
TK, our friend and photographer Mark Hetchman, and "D"(TUR)

Brent, our friend Janette Martin, TK and Frank Sidoris!

Thanks for your attention! If you were there and want to share your photo with Todd or someone else musician present that night, please send us your pic on facebook in a private message here: 

More photos soon...Stay Tuned!!!!